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Healing Mother Earth One Person at a Time

Julie E. Brent
Since 1986
Assisting in Joyful Transformations

We are Earth, We are Sun, We are Moon 

we seek to become 


in every aspect of our existence 

whatever we believe that to be 


the paths that have assisted me on my personal journey

 yogareflexologyreiki   quantum touchho'oponopono

i would like to share with you 

in your time a Joyful Transformation -

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Call to schedule a BODY READING today!
Can be done in person or at a distance.
30 minutes - Deeper Look - $35.00                  15 minutes - Quick Look - $16.00
For her lifetime Julie has had the gift of being an Empath. She uses this 'intuitive' process along with her 20 years experience and training in Bodywork and Energy Healing to offer you an in-depth 'look' at an issue. Julie is gifted in guiding you from her personal experiences as well as using distance energy work. She is an experienced 'wellness coach', with the goal always assisting you in finding the perfect -vibration for your needs. Trainings include, Reiki,
Quantum Touch, Polarity, EFT, Reflexology, Ho'oponpono, Shamanism, NCTMB and more!

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                              independent publishing: Buy this book on
                              Lulu. A Workbook for
The Return of Mankind to the Natural World by Julie E. Brent
Prose, Meditations, Poetry, Color Photographs to assist you
on your journey of LOVE for our Mother Earth
Transcribed by Julie E. Brent copyright 1999 all rights reserved

Grounding for the Celestial Energy Transition and Beyond
Meet Your Earth-Self
as it was given by the Goddess Pele
to Julie E. Brent on the Big Island of Hawaii 070707

This meditation is profound.  It helped me to identify, understand, and utilize a part of myself and my ancestry that has been just out reach.  I am now more grounded and more present than I have ever been.  Thanks Pele and thanks Julie!"         Shawchyi Vorisek

JulieEBrent @ gmail.com

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