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Conscious Channel - A conscious channel is someone who has conscious "knowing" without going into a trance.  This can be used to access any of the realms. Past lives, lost objects, messages from Spirit or Loved Ones who have crossed over. You may also ask to connect with The Goddess Pele in this reading.
This reading works well for the per minute pricing, it may only take 5-10 minutes.

Medicine Card Reader - The Medicine Cards  access the animal kingdom, a method of divination to assist each soul to find a personal path through the medicine of animals. The deep history of the Native American Traditions are accessed using this deck and the layouts , similar to other  tarot layouts, offering much love and wisdom. You can learn about your Power Animal with this reading. If you see a particular Animal frequently, you can ask for a message from that specific Animal.
30 minutes recommended for this reading.

Light-Language Readings -  By using a deck of 80 cards with Geometric Symbols of Light and Color for this reading, you can learn about your past or your future direction. If you are drawn to geometric shapes and symbols then you may find this reading an interesting and successful way to tap into the Divine.
Light-Language is the language of the Divine, the building blocks of the Universe.
Draw of one card only reading usually about 5 minutes. 15 minutes or more for a spread in this reading.

Body Readings -  For 20 years Jubilee Rainbow has successfully given deep insightful looks into past, present and future health concerns. This can assist you in a positive direction to recover health and well-being. These messages come directly from your body, energy system or any level of the physical realm. This works best if you have a specific issue or condition that you want to probe.
15 minutes for one issue. 30 minutes for a deeper probing look at the condition.

Readings are done by phone or Skype.        

email: jubileerainbow at yahoo.com
.Fee is $2.00 per minute.

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