NASApleiadesphoto Preface

I am the “Voice of Love”, a Being of Light from the Pleiades, I come to you.

I am writing this to assist you in the journey along with Archangel Michael. Open your hearts and leave the stress and worry of the world behind. Bleed the losses of the world from your veins. Listen to your hearts my loved ones. You are making great strides in the world as many of you are already opening to the love of Archangel Michael.
His love is pure and available to all. Let Mother Earth heal her wounds with the open hearts of her children. Be filled with the need to play, dance, sing, and create. Look at the planet and all the beings, plants, rocks, mineral, water as your lifeblood. It truly is part of you.

Free yourself from the illusion of separation. There is no separation. One being, one mind, one heart.

This book will give a series of meditations and instructions for becoming aware of your being as ONE with ALL.