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Julie E. Brent

Quantum-Touch® Practitioner and retired certifed instructor

NCTMB #000874-00 - Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
LMT #3435 AL -Alabama Licensed in Therapeutic Massage
A B M P - Member

Julie E. Brent
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Distance healing works incredibly well using Quantum-Touch so I am available by phone for appointments wherever you are. If you want a private in person session you can see me in my office in Fairhope, AL.
Call for directions and to set a time that suits you best.

See a Slide Presentation of workshop photos here.

Hello, I want to share my incredible experience using Quantum-Touch with you!

Since 1985 I have practiced many modalities of energy work, beginning with Polarity when I read founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon's first book. But none of the different styles of energy work match Q-T. You may find interesting that having studied, polarity, reiki, shiatsu, therapeutic touch, jin shin acutouch, healing touch that I would be so impressed with this simple yet powerful technique for stimulating your personal healing.

I have taught Reiki since 1996 and know the benefits of Reiki well, so I was very surprised when I discovered that Q-T works WITH Reiki  and speeds the process up dramatically. My first astonishing session was with a 4 year old girl who had recently developed a scoliosis in her lower spinal area. She had been complaining to her mother about back pain. Her mother brought her with her when she came for an appointment she already had scheduled. I took a look at the spinal area and showed her mother the curvature. I started running Quantum-Touch to level her hips first then the neck area before going to the curvature in her lower back. It only took about 5 minutes for the whole process. Her mother and I then looked at her spine and saw no curvature...NONE!! She announced, happily, that her back didn't hurt any more!!

Quantum-Touch works deep in the cellular level by raising your energy, this creates an environment for the innate healing intelligence of our body to activate. The results are amazing. You already know and accept this process daily, when you get a cut on your skin you expect it to heal within a few days, this is the same process that is possible with any problem area, inside or out. Quantum-Touch stimulates this process in every cell allowing the healing to occur naturally. 

A great way to boost your health and healing!  


Julie's Quantum-Touch Experience

Quantum Touch Interactive Video Workshop Facilitator and Host of 20 or more workshops since January 2005

Basic Quantum-Touch 2 Day Workshop
April 2006 with Rich Lipscomb

Basic Quantum-Touch 2 Day Workshop
April 2006 with Christian Brackett

Super-Charging Class
February 2006 with Denise Godfrey

Core Transformation Class 
May 2006 with Alain Herriott

Quantum Touch Level II
February 2012 with Emmale Judycki

The Quantum-Touch Smile!!

Pictured below are the RESULTS of Basic Class Practice Sessions on a student during the class of  December 2008.

Read the story:

Since I am now retired from teaching Quantum Touch I am offering personal coaching for those who want to review or enhance their use of Q-T. Call me to set up a session or check out my business web pages in Fairhope Alabama.

Comments from the Level I Workshop:

"Yes, I would take a class again with Julie as she is clear in her teaching, has excellent communication skills and a sense of trust as soon as you walk in the door. The workshop is excellent just the way it is. I like all the exercises and all the information. This workshop has added much to my ability to heal myself and others. Using the energy I learned I have an impact on the world in a positive manner as more & more become aware of it. I hope-will do my part."
- LW-H, Taylorsville, KY

"Julie is an excellent teacher. She's a joy to be around and she is giving it her all. It was an amazing experience. " - LN, Pensacola, FL

"Everything is very easy to understand even for those who have no other training related to healing arts or medicine. Julie was very informative and easily addressed individual needs of the students". Sherry W. - Lexington, KY

" Wonderful – exactly what I needed…I feel that the ability to heal has been available to me and now I not only know that it is, but was able to experience it. My concerns about protecting my own energy in the process were resolved. In fact, I experience improved well being and confidence in the process. I look forward to learning about the organization and becoming a practitioner. I was not aware of Quantum Touch before this weekend. AND Julie was great!" - Gene M., Russells Point, OH

"Julie worked on a very personal basis with us and gauged the class toward our knowledge level. We were well familiar with QT already, so she very skillfully covered all parts of the curriculum in a way that allowed us to fine tune"
. - Bill S., KY

Comments from the Video Workshops hosted by Julie:

"Julie did an outstanding job explaining and giving more detail when necessary. She also did a great job of coordinating partners for exercises. Super hospitality!! The content was excellent! SB - Lexington, KY"

"My wife and I want to thank you for the amazing and life changing video workshop you hosted last weekend. Quantum Touch has added a new dimension to our lives. We were pleased in the way you moderated. You created a warm and "Loving" environment for all who attended. Karen had suffered a pain in her thoracic region for many years and told me that it had gone completely away. As a gymnast in high school I had sustained an injury to my shoulder that never completely healed. Since attending your workshop the pain went from a 10 to 2 and I am able to sleep better a night. Many thanks again"
Dan & Karen, Indiana
"Thanks for such a wonderful weekend! I did QT on my husband's arm for an hour Monday with great results. I found that after 30min. my vibration become veryyyy powerful. I was cookin! My teeth and face were tingling from the energy. I thought maybe I was throwing off energy incorrectly (if there is such a thing)?) between my throat and 3rd eye chakras. Anyway, what a great enhancement to Reiki, and what a wonderful and practical tool for everyone. I am so blessed to know of this."  Kathy, Louisville, Kentucky
"On Memorial Day Weekend Kathy and I attended a Reiki retreat in Bardstown, Kentucky. One of the other attendees, Julie Brent, gave us both a “Quantum Touch” treatment. In 10 minutes she was able to readjust my left leg, something that I have been trying to do for the last 31 years. I had previously been told by three of the more respected chiropractors in KC that this readjustment of my leg was impossible. In almost less time then it takes to tell, Julie changed the alignment of Kathy’s back, a misalignment that dates back to Kathy’s birth. When we asked in wonderment how Julie accomplished these feats, Julie’s answer was “anyone can do it and you can learn Quantum Touch in 12 hours, just by watching a video of Richard Gordon‘s workshop”.
(follow-up comments about a month later. . .)
We put on our first QT video workshop last weekend. 15 people including us, everything happened at our workshop that happened at Richard Gordon's video workshop +, hips leveled, eye sockets moved, a humped up back about 40% straighter, (and we are not done yet with the back). For an added attraction at the Workshop, Kathy rubbed a piece of glass across the top of her foot hitting one of the veins, lots of blood, we stopped the bleeding quite quickly with QT, without QT we would have had to make a ER trip I'm sure. I've had a chance to QT my son-laws head injury, he ran it into the very sharp corner of a cabinet. Hard enough to open up a cut that I estimate would have taken 2 to 3 stitches, no stitches, no bump no black and blue, no headache, thank you QT. QT chased away my youngest daughter's week long headache, she has now been without for 3 weeks.
Julie, your QT treatment has cast bread upon the water, we are planning our next workshop for the first weekend in August."
Roger & Kathy

Comments after introductory presentations:

I was singing your praises on the phone all the way home last night and again this morning to my coworkers. I thanked Connie for crossing our paths.  I am still pain free in my back. It is so hard to believe, but more difficult to deny. (email comment after less than 5 minutes of cafe session on a "pain that she always has.") Lisa G., KY

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