Seeing With Intention
Digital Photography Workshops

Wildflower Stalk
at General Butler State Park
Carrollton, Kentucky    
Classroom at Comfort Inn Carrollton  - - (502) 732-6661   
with Julie E. Brent  (resume)
Fee: $200
April 18-19, 2009
Saturday 8:30 am - Sunset & Sunday Sunrise - 2 pm

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General Butler State Resort Park has over six miles of trails. All trails are designated for hiking. The trails inter-connect and offer a variety of terrain. Some trails are more strenuous and challenging than others.

 Woodland Trail (1.5 miles) This trail can be accessed by and connects with many of the park’s facilities including the lodge, conference and recreation centers and the campground. It makes a loop near the campground through a mature woodland forest of large tulip trees, beech and hickory. Spicebush is an abundant shrub which can be found along the trail. Some popular wildflowers which can be viewed include; dutchman’s breeches, spotted jewelweed (touch-me-not), may-apple, ironweed, goldenrod and a variety of ferns.
Boy Scout Trail (.25 miles)
The Boy Scout Trail connects the Butler-Turpin State Historic House to the Fossil Trail. This provides a safe walking route from the lodge area to the home. Exercise caution when crossing the park road on this trail. The trail is an alternative hiking adventure, connecting the Fossil Trail and Stone Entrance Gate parking lot to Stone Overlook, the conference and recreation centers or the lodge.
Fossil Trail (4.5 miles)
The park’s longest trail takes its name from the ancient marine fossils found embedded in the thin layers of limestone rock along the trail. Much of the Fossil Trail crosses and follows open field areas, which are remnants of the Ski Butler slopes. Watch for directional trail markers in these sections. This beautiful loop trail will take you through old hardwood forests behind the Stone Overlook, which was built in the 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corp. At 768 feet above sea level, the overlook is the highest elevation point in the county. It is the perfect place to see the confluence of the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers and the river community of Carrollton.

It's a Great Time to Get Outdoors with Your Camera

Get out your close up lens, your hiking shoes, hat and a jacket with plenty of pockets, dress in layers for the changeable weather for this workshop. The workshop will begin in the classroom with a very short review of camera basics. Then Julie will cover topics related to “SEEING” and capturing digitally what you see. You will be given 'assignments' that direct your attention, to open you to possibilities, and get you thinking outside of your “box”.

With the assignments in hand you will experiment with getting the picture that best meets the task of the assignment. Some experimentation in the field classroom around the building before we go on a hike.

If possible there will be a naturalist on hand to give you a more detailed look at this environment.


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Julie E Brent
PO Box 262
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All photos copyright 2008 by Julie E. Brent
- Approximate Sunrise 5:58 am/Sunset 8:22 pm April 18-19