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October 2007


Dear Friends,

Well another month has come and gone! There are two new Live Basic classes scheduled in Kentucky before the years end and one on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. I have scheduled a showing of 'The Secret' with class afterwards to discuss how you can get what you want in your life, see the schedule to your right for details.
Be Happy & Well!
Julie E. Brent
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    This photo was taken during the September Quantum Touch class. The top photo shows the right hip higher than the left. After a few minutes of QT the hips leveled out nicely. I liked this photo because the stripes on the blouse gives a good visual.

    Vicki, Lexington, KY
    I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for you wonderful workshop last weekend and the opportunity to learn more about the awesome strength of QT.
    Saturday after class I noticed that my cat had a severe eye infection. I thought I would put some eyewash in it Sunday when I got home and see if he needed to go to the vet Monday.
    I ran distance QT to him Sunday evening and Monday morning the eye was completely healed! Even all the eye goop was gone!
    Yesterday I went to a 85 yr old friends house to do our usual energy healing session when I decided to run QT to her head for her tinnitus, which I haven't had to much success at. All the ringing in her right ear stopped and the left went from a 5 to a 2!!!
    QT..This is the bleep!


    Some comments from Students in the September 2007 Class:
    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! KLM, Verona, KY
    Julie was articulate, light-hearted and informative.
    , Hamilton, OH

    This workshop really boosted my confidence that I am doing QT! VY, Lexington, KY
    This is a very wonderful addition to my toobox and I am confident that I can continue. KM, Cincinnati, OH

    Laughter is the Best Medicine .  . . Julie E. Brent
    As I continue on my journey to bring more laughter into peoples lives I attended a recent weekend event called the Kentucky Clown Derby. I found there a SERIOUS group of people dedicated to making laughter happen. I learned to make balloon animals, to do some face painting and the different kinds of clown makeup. Who knew there was so much in the background in the clown world. There was a 'competition' of clown performers, 11 of them, and I watched some great acts. I voted for MY favorite, although they were all deserving of an award for their wonderful presentations.
    I came home with a bag of balloons and a pump and immediately started filling up my living room with balloon animal attempts. Took a while, but i was finally successful at my quest and handed out to my family and friends my creative efforts. SMILE. I have spent some time this week pondering my own ideas about clowning around and how I might make that more part of my work. Who knows where that will lead. Watch out for a new clown on your block!
     Being Well . . . by Barbara Haines

    This month has been quite 'interesting' for Barbara. She asked me to offer her as much QT as possible during about a week of severe pain in the solar plexus area and nausea. I worked often to relieve her symptoms and assist her to regain her health. As the Video workshop approached I offered to fill in for her if she wasn't up to speed but she said that she had regained her strength and felt like working. Saturday was a good day, however on Sunday morning about 11:30 am she called and her voice showed obvious distress. I hopped in my car and went to take over the class and see what I could do for her. When I arrived she was clearly not able to drive home and looking a bit yellow/green. I suggested we call 911 and get her to the hospital right away.

    BUT Barbara was adamant that a bit more QT would do the trick, so the students and I did our best for the next hour to bring her around. Finally she agreed that she was in need of emergency care.

    The doctors discovered that she had an infection in the pancreas  and it seemed that a stone was lodged in a duct from her liver. After several days in ICU and IV's she is doing great, her proper color is returned, getting some sleep and eating again. The doctors were a little surprised that they could not find the stone however when they did the procedure to unblock the bile duct.

    Barbara and I just smiled at each other and thought about the other times that QT had mysteriously made some beneficial changes. But this is a good example of when the medical care that is offered at the hospitals made a real difference in returning Barbara to vibrant health. It takes a village, as they say.

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    Schedule of Events
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    December 1-2, 2007
    Campbellsburg, KY 40011

    December 6-7, 2007
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    Microtel Inn & Suites
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    'Law of Attraction'
    2 PM - The Secret
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    Sunday, October 21
    3:30 pm  - 6 pm
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